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Possible mythical creatures sim

This game is really fun. But I was wondering if they Gluten Free games could make a Ultimate mythical creatures simulator with Hippogryphs, Griffins, Four legged dragons, Phoenix, basilisk, and Pegasus unicorn, Pegasus, and unicorn. That would be fun. So please try to make it gluten free games.

I love It but I have one thing😉

You know that house that’s toward the big bad bulldog...well there’s a red car and when I get in it the wheels don’t move.But can you pls do that in game?😉

Please make a lizard simulater

I like these games but I want a lizard sim with bearded dragons lepoard geckos water dragons and anoles

Beagles. Just beagles. (Rant to the people who hate the game, well, sorta a rant.)

They do their best, but please. Please don’t hate on them, they can’t do EVERYTHING you want. They make the B E S T Non-Multiplayer simulators, and besides, I LOVE THE EVERYPLAY FEATURE! 🐶🐶 (Side-Note not even about the game: WHEN IS APPLE GONNA ADD ANIMOJIS TO THE REGULAR DEVICES! I’M TIRED OF SUPERMOJI.

New game

PET sim ok hamster,dog,cat,lizard,fish,snake,rat,gineiy pig

Cute, but glitchy

Okay, we all admit dogs are super cute. And pretending to be a dog can be interesting sometimes. So, what happens when Gluten Free Games— a relatively unknown mobile gaming company now defunct— releases a new simulator revolving around the world of dogs? Well, I’d say mixed reactions. Ultimate Dog Sim, while not as successful as it’s predecessor, includes more things to do and (I believe) more doggies. With a huge map to explore, and many animals you can encounter, Ultimate Dog Sim will keep you entertained for a while. But, there’s a cost to a nice premise: bugs. A lot of them. Sometimes, your dog might glitch through the floor and not be able to get back up, which forces the player to exit the game and come back. Other times a dead animal could spazz out and its legs, whom are having a seizure at this point, could glitch out and block the entire screen. This most commonly happens when the player drags a dead wolf. I also feel like the game has missed some potentials... Such as a dog catcher. In the first Dog Simulator there was a dog catcher that barely did anything, so why not now? And there was a lot of missed potential in the city area. The city feels like a bunch of skyscrapers that were randomly placed in a field in the middle of nowhere. A real city has a bunch of buildings and doesn’t abruptly end at one place. Same goes for the neighborhood and the skatepark. Speaking of the neighborhood, why are you only able to enter one house? And it doesn’t even feel like you’re that person’s dog, it just feels like you’re a stray and you just decided to move there. This game in general feels like it was recycled from Ultimate Cat Simulator, but with different models and locations placed in different areas. Overall, if you like dog simulators or you liked all of Gluten Free’s recycled games, then you should totally check out Ultimate Dog Simulator. Otherwise, you WILL get bored quickly.

Great but some questions

It’s great and all but how u get adopted and I can’t be German Shepherd plus these people don’t act real and there’s no person to get u as a pet just a guy who kills dog like WHO WOULD DO THAT


Just a trash🤬😡


So I am editing my review from the “ stupid cougar” to this. And I think you guys should get all the good that you can get, because you make beautiful games. I had deleted this game and now I have it back, and it’s just amazing. Oh, and I just wanna shout out to those people that want to hav a owner, go to the home in the bottom left side, and walk around the house till u see a side door, walk up to the door and it should open, if not try biting it, then you can open the front door ( try opening the front door too!) I love your games and am sad that you shut down your business. ❤️ -Nova


So first off y can’t u have an owner like it said. U can’t live in the house. Second the graphics are just awful. The game glitches so bad. Please fix this game. Also don’t wast ur time with this piece of junk. No offense 😑😣


I think you should make a ultimate dog show sim! Where you can play as a show dog. You can enter dog shows! Thanks!🐩🐕

Chihuahua corgi yorkie poodle!

It’s a great fun avenduring game but u need to put more dogs in it please! Like chihuahua corgi Yorkshire and a poodle! All lm asking for is a few more dog breeds so just please l beg you do it very very soon! Please. I mean the game will get sooo many more 5 stars an good comments! So please put more dog breeds! Please! Ps put chihuahua they are my favorite!

Omg nu DONT close your business DONT

I love all your games I LOVE THEM SO MUCHHHHH I’m a huge animal nerd so these games are like a whole new world THERE AMAZING I’m sorry I just love these so much and I heard your closing your business????!!! What??? why!!??? 😥I’m just really sad about this and thought I’d leave some good reviews for y’all. ✌🏻


I really like this game and I like how you can do a lot of different stuff like drive cars have puppy’s and that stuff and I am actually going to start collecting these games gluten-free grapes are the BEST!!!

How do you even become a tamed dog???

In the game it says you can live in a house or not I want to live in a house but it gave me no way to do that. The game itself is good just the fact that it doesn’t tell me how to live in a house

Amazing game!

I’ve heard you guys are closing your business. I was surprised, confused, and sad. 😔 But before you leave, can you fix some bugs? Bugs: Your family members can’t get inside the house without help. Either eat something while inside or lead them in. Rain falls into the house. Sometimes a quest has two other duplicates, without even picking a quest up. You have to be five levels above what the locked dog says. I got to level five, had to be lvl ten to unlock. Same with Dalmatian and others, but it’s such a good game, I don’t care. (Lol) Pros: 1. Possibly better than all your other games that I can play! :O I mean, this is the only game of yours I know of that can love INSIDE a human home. 2. Food and water bowl inside human house! AND IT REFILLZ :D 3. Interacting with owners? Amazin’. 4. Etc Overall, the game is amazing, fun, and a great entertainer. I’m just hoping you can fix the bugs and eventually re open your business.

I want a home and a bit more dogs

Um so I really want a Pomeranian or a Yorkshire terrier and I’m like going near ppl and I’m like ADOPT ME I WANT A LOVING HOME and when I bark they walk away!its a good game but that’s all

Just a few suggestions...

This game is awesome, it’s one of my favorite of ur games. I have some things that you can add. Maybe in the beginning you could start as a puppy with your mother Instead of being capable to hunt and do stuff like that. Also, I think that you should be able to have a litter of puppies instead of just one at a time, that would make it more realistic. Also, maybe when you get adopted you can get a collar and it can tell you how you got adopted. And maybe you should make it harder to hunt. It’s sort of unrealistic. Also I think that you should have your suggestions for the other animal simulators. Also, I think maybe you should make the other dogs not be so mean. You should make them not want to kill you. One more thing, I think maybe when the local dogcatcher defeats you instead of killing you, she takes him to the pound and then you can get adopted. Thank you so much for making these awesome games I love them. And please don’t close down the business! I really want you to make an ultimate warrior cat simulator!! Anyway, thanks for making this awesome games!

A great story

Jane was looking for a shelter.She seen one but it was messy and it had vipers and frogs .Then Jade seen another place.I was really happy .I get in there eat something and slepped.Now i am looking for a pack mate.It is hard beacouse no great danes,like me.An awsome game

The funny story

Max went driving a car he is a German Shepard he was driving down the streets and came home and crashed into the house max:oops. The end

Please read

I can’t find out how to find a owner.Maybe do a tutorial

Good but... kinda BORING


Doesn’t let me bond

This game is fun but it won’t let me bond with other dogs.. I have two open slots and it the bark stuff to bond with them doesn’t show up

Love it but

I love it but how do you be a tamed dog

Ok it’s good but............

Ok AWSOME GAMES But..when I’m doing my quests it just crashes and I don’t like it -Ali

Pet simulator

Make a game called ultimate pet simulator first your a hamster then a mouse then a ferret then a iguana then a rabbit then a bird then a fish then last a frog please please please please please please please please and my favorite gluten free game so far is the ultimate cat simulator 2 fav is ultimate dog simulator 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🐸🦅🦎🐕🐈😍😎🤪😋😁😌😁🙃😚😋😊☺️😉😝😜😀😃😄😁😂🤣🙂🙃😋😛😝🤩 actually I just changed my mind dog sim is my fav then cats

Love it

I love it. I got three german shepherds,Pringle level seven Star level fifteen chief level fifteen. Pringle's mom is star. Pringle is a really good hunter. He loves hunting animals. All three of them live in a house. Once they wanted to see What it was like to be a stray. So they went to look at some Abandoned houses. They came back home and went to sleep After a long time playing.

Boo hoooo

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD, but it’s BROKEN. I need to be the next level to get the dog

Waste of my dollar

I can’t be adopted and it’s hard to use when u get to the road the concrete u have to jump to get on it the dog catcher doesn’t catch u Che hurts u and if I attack him I crash or something ITS STRAIGHT UP IMPOSSIBLE TO BE A PET O WANNA KNOW HOW PLZ FIX IT I WANT REFUND 😡😡😡😡😡😡


I agree with Dolphincheatalover10 her or his idea is awesome! It sounds amazing! Super fun! I was reading it today and it made me want to play it! I really hope you do her or his idea thanks for reading! 😍😍😍😍

Great game but a little boring please read.

Hello there! I’m a huge fan of gluten free games and I’m sad too hear your closing your business! 😓 but I thought I should rate all the gluten free games I have to spread good news and stuff about you so you will be remembered! So here I go on ultimate dog sim!: I like ultimate dog sim but I find it just a little bit boring... like I feel like their should be more too it. Maybe a animal shelter you get taken too and you have to be adopted also have it you can have a mate at level one and a pup at level 5? I think this will make the game more enjoyable because you get to protect your baby and pack instead of just your self which is really boring. Also it would be cool if you could design your owner depending on if it’s a policemen/ woman regular citizen a blind person where you could lead them through the city to where they need to go. Also a police dog and you get to help on cases going after bad guys and stuff! Just no swearing please! Also have it where if your a police dog you start off as a baby/ young adult and have to go through police training! That would be awesome! Hey maybe you could maybe make a separate sim on police dog? Who agrees with me? So I’m not trying to complain or anything but just a little bit boring and slow pace. But otherwise fun and realistic game! - A fan

I Love the Concept but...

I absolutely love these games and in the past all of them have worked, until now. I used to have an android and perhaps these apps are optimized for those... I loved this concept as I love the Ultimate Simulators that Gluten Free Games has offered because you can customize more (although it is harder to level up I’ve found). You can choose names and go beyond the other simulators. I love the concept also because it offers pet living as well as wild living (almost combining Stray Dog Simulator with Wolf Simulator). My problem is on my iPhone my games crash after 10-15 minutes, not just this one, the fox simulator and ocean simulator as well, but particularly this one because I cannot customize my dog or breed AT ALL (which as I mentioned was one of the best features of the game). I would be happy to give 5 stars once this is resolved. As of now, sadly, I can not recommend. This developer has great quality work and amazing concepts that I have enjoyed, I hope that the quality I know they can offer returns soon.

Very good!!!!

I think you should put some other things in the game like walks trips to the vet, obedience school and all the stuff that you would do to care for a dog in reality if you can do that in your next update that will make the game even better but other than that it’s a great game.

BUY IT!!! Dog story: Sophie the German Shepherd

It’s an amazing game My name is Sophie the German Shepherd my owner, Macy found me by a trash can and raised me. I have a mate named king and he is amazing. I have a pup too. Her name is princess.

Love it!

Ok you're THE best game dev! Can you please make a insect simulator where you can be an ant,rhino beetle,bee,dragonfly,scorpion,wasp,roach, Worm, housefly, and locust? Thx for your hard work! 😄😄😄


THIS GAME IS SO FUN!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! Sure there are a couple glitches.. but the game is really fun 🐶🐶🐶🌸 I think you could add a couple things tho... a pit bull and a doberman or an American bully would be cool to add to the dogs, but otherwise besides that the game is really fun. 🌸🌸🐶🐶🌸🌸

The worst!

I couldn’t get in the house and I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t. I was going to live the life of a domesticated dog!😡👿😤😖🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😾💩👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💩💩💩💩💩💩💩


Realy!! You can’t be tamed in a house all you can do is fight !! It’s a rip off !! They just want your money!! It’s probably the most horrible dog simulator in the world I’m talking to you gluten-free games it’s horrible!!

OMG! Such a great game! 😂

OMG! I absolutely love ultimate dog simulator! I only have two dogs in my pack and they are both Great Danes. One is named Hotdog who was my first dog and my second one is named Coffee.Right now I live in a home in a neighborhood.Also I love the fact that there is no levels like most games.I was so excited when I downloaded the game and I literally spent a whole day playing it.Thank you so much for making these games. P.S. Don’t forget to smile 😀 ! But mostly......HAVE FUN! 🤩

Thinking about buying this app?

Though it may lag, all you gotta do is record. Than it doesn't lag. I love how big the house you can live in is. This one is so much better than the Stray Dog Sim because there aren't as many other hostile dogs and it doesn't lag to high heaven. I'm so glad I got this. This one is so cool. However, it is set up so you think you have unlocked the German Shepherd when you really haven't. Plus there is this weird glitch where if you exit the car on the asphalt you will actually fall through the road into some weird underground pool of water where there is no escape. Just don't leave the car on the road and you'll do just fine. Plus if you run away from a boss without battling it, the music will keep going forever until you exit the app, because it thinks you still need to fight. But this is a very good app I would recommend it to kids and adults. It isn't a waist of money, I promise. Give it a chance. -WildDragonGirl1

Terrible. Worst Game Ever. Please Refund

Not only the graphics are terrible, but whenever I go into the menu I cannot exit. Also, we cannot get homes. This is more like a stray dog simulator. Gluten Free Games, how do people like this?! The pictures look like an amazing game, but it is not what it seems. A worthless game. I cannot say how much I hate it, and how even dog lovers (like me) should too. DO NOT GET WORST GAME EVER!! Please refund me.

Tiny glitch

This game is so amazing! I love the movements of the dogs. My 3 Great Danes recently discovered how cruel and unforgiving the wild forest is but everything is fine now. There is one glitch in the game though. Whenever I defeat a sheepdog, it stays standing or running. This can be confusing during a big fight.

Worst game

I don’t no how to be tamed if I don’t no this game isn’t worth the money

Some problems

I love the game I just can’t live indoors like it says on the reviews I can’t bond they just kill me. It glitches and is a little hard to defeat some animals please fix these problems.🙂😛

Just one more game

I know all these games are really amazing but I would really be comfortable there was one more that was free and you won’t have to pay for it] so my greatest idea was an Ultimate human simulator and do a start as a boy and girl and they’re not level 5 you will get a teenager and that level 10 you would get a preteen and then at level 15 you will get a girlfriend or boyfriend and at level 20 you will get a husband or wife and when your character is having a baby it will look like it’s really pregnant if it’s a girl and the baby will look like a real baby so make ultimate human simulator the very last game please [the end]

Game progress vanished

Bought game and played all night building up doggo. Stopped playing for 5 minutes and all progress is lost. Thanks👍


I’ve been waiting for this game to come out forever and it’s know out!😍😍😍😍little suggestion: can you add different dogs to a pack because I want different dogs in a pack pls LOVE THE GAME THO!!!!!!!!!

Please fix!😿🐶🐩🐕🐶🐅🐆

I unlocked French bulldog, but when I went back on I was back on level one in Great Dane. Only Great Dane was unlocked!😭 . I’m soooooooooooooooo ( like infinity more o’s) upset.😡😠😤. Now that you did the last app, please update your games! Thanks I LOVE LOVE LOVE your games! Thanks!🐶🐱

please make it like it was but I love the game

I want it to kinda be like the old sim when you can have any breed in your pack plz do this bc it’s hard to lvl up like a lot ;-;

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