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Awesome game, some glitches and suggestions

This is a really fun game! I have been having lots of fun playing it so far, and my brother likes it, too! It's really nice, but there are a few glitches. 1 - When I was playing as a German Shepherd, I was fighting a boss and I got killed. You know that intense music that plays while battling a boss? Well, it didn't go away when I died. 2 - I was walking around then suddenly my dog fell under the ground into water and I couldn't get back up. 3 - you know when you try to swap dogs but it says 'must return to house to swap dogs' on the screen? Well, the words didn't go away and they stayed there forever. It wasn't that annoying, but it would be better if you fixed it. 4 - flying cars. 5- some of the cherry bushes were really wide for some reason, and this dead barn owl was moving around after I killed it. Aside from those 5 glitches, I am having a lot of fun playing this game! I just got the beagle and my brother likes playing the game, too. I like all of these simulators and I really like ultimate cat and wolf sim, too! :) Suggestions: 1. Maybe your owner can take you on a walk every once in a while. That'd be cool! 2. More dogs *coughCORGIcough* 3. A house you can live in with a whole family, not only one person 4. Make the streets more busy... Like in the city these would be more cars. When you cypher hit by a car you lose health? 5. There can be a dog park where you can be friends with dogs and they don't immediately attack you.. 6. You should be able to go inside of more of the buildings in the city. I know those suggestions may be more than you can do, but in the future you can add them. This game is really good! I have a question: can you only bond with other dogs when you are level 5 and 15 and the other levels, or can you bond with dogs starting at level 5? Because bonding is not working for my German shepherd, but she is level 11, because on the instructions it says you can't bond levels 5-15-20, so I don't understand if you can bond if you are levels in between... It may just be another glitch, though. Again, aside from the glitches, this is an awesome high quality game!


World is very full unlike other simulators where there is a lot of trees, houses, etc.

Addicting! But of course, some problems...

(I’m known for long reviews, bear with me) It’s so addicting! I bought this game as soon as I saw it had come out. Which was like a few hours ago😂. And I’ve been playing it probably two or three hours straight already! I love Gluten Free Games, especially Dolphin Sim. You should try it if it’s compatible with the version on your device (which sadly isn’t for iOS11☹️). The trailer is a little misleading. Okay, very. Glitches! So many! Animals have really weird AI and all that. Cars crash into eachother and then go flying in slow motion. It’s weird. Also there’re dying birds on the ground having a seizure. It’s a little sad. When I’m driving in that cool convertible suddenly I get out and I’m under the earth. Um...? I heard it’s also the same with the skateboard. Oh! And you have to jump TO GO UP A CURB. That annoys me a lot. Sorry. Oh, and the bathroom door to the house is closed and you can walk through it... Update ideas: •Dog catcher puts you in a kennel for five minutes, then you are let free (only if you didn’t defeat him) •You can furnish the house you live in if you aren’t a stray, and if you are, you can bring trash in your den and fix it up lookin’ sharp, mah dude. •The human who owns you moves around and leaves the house for “work” or something. •Add a vet! It would be awesome. •Be able to have pups whenever when you have two of opposite gender in your pack. •I think we should have cooler animations like the ones in the trailer. That’s pretty awesome. That’s all -CCisSoCoolio (CC) Ideas for future games: •Mermaid Sim •Adoption Sim (you play as a human adopting pets and furnishing your house) •Sled Dog Sim •Ultimate Forest Sim (Do you already have that?😂) •Baby Sim (I don’t even know right now...😂) •Ultimate Farm/Ranch Sim


So I think you should have a Doberman and a golden retriever. Just so you know. And the German Shepherd’s mouth is CONSTANTLY OPEN! Please make it so you pant after running for about three seconds. Only after running. Also, JOBS! Like, the Dalmatian (dunno if I spelled that right sorry) can be a fire dog and have a uniform and collar. The German Shepherd and Doberman can be war dogs. They get uniforms and collars also. There should be houses that catch on fire sometimes. And a war ground. It would be awesome! The war dogs could find wounded soldiers and the soldiers could speak into a radio on the war dogs collar and then the dog would guard him or her until more people came with a stretcher and put the wounded soldier onto it. Or they could be message dogs in the war! Like, missions! Humans would say, “Hey, _________, can you bring this message to General _______?” And if you said yes, then the person would roll up a note and put it in your collar. Obviously you would bring it to the general. Or lookout dogs. They guard the war ground and bark three times if something is wrong. And the fire dogs. If a house catches on fire, you get into your uniform and run to a fireman to get a bucket. When you have it, you run to the house and a button appears that says “DUMP.” You do that multiple times. BUUUUUUT.... What if a child (you should make those) is stuck inside? Or a man or woman? You rush bravely inside and the human grips your collar as you run out and continue dumping buckets. You HAVE TO MAKE THESE please! I am begging you! SO MANY people would buy your games if you made it pleeeeease!

Do not buy the game!

I mean I was excited to pick my breed but you start out as a great Dane and it's annoying I don't think this is worth $.99. In the graphics are terrible And The map is too small I do not recommend buying this game


Thank you for making ultimate Arctic simulator! You guys deserve a story but I need to level up my dogs to lvl 60! Once again you’ve done an amazing job! I can’t leave the review on ultimate arctic sim because I have not got it yet but I hope this weekend I will! I will also leave a story on ultimate arctic simulator but still need to level up! The other edited version of the review will be the story! Thank you so much once again! I’m surprised you added the husky and I love husky’s! Also I love the models of the lynx and snow leopard and all the other animals! The seals are ADORABLE and adorable is what I like :)! Thank you so much once again!

Do ultimate human simulator

If you always make ultimate animal simulators what about humans or apes or caveman or whatever if u do it will be Hilarious

Few problems....

I’m ONLY giving this a four star because I can’t turn to a German shepherd and I don’t know how to get adopted by humans and why is there some harder bosses in some towns park areas??? Could you please fix those and I will give you a five star. And also what levels are you suppose to get adopted by an owner cuz I want to be adopted by an owner in this game

Suggestions for you guys

Pls make it soo I can breed with other dogs and I get a collar if a human tames them and when you get a mate and it’s a color of the players chose and there’s dog catchers all around if you’re a stray you can get sent there and you need to escape before your killed and there’s border collies pls there my fav dog and I know you guys spend a lot of time on this and I love this game and other games you guys make and make a ultbeesim where you’re a bee and you serve the queen and live the life as a real bee thank you

Not great

I keep glitching into the ground and can’t get out and when I’m being attacked I cannot get away. It also won’t let me change dogs, I’m only able to be one dog. It’s not as cool as I thought it would be, wish I could get my money back.

Great game, but a few problems...

So, as you ppl know, I LOVE your games. This game is also great, but I’ve spotted a lot of glitches and problems. So first off, I thought I could turn into a German Shepherd, but nope! It was colored like I could play it, but it was really for level five. The other breeds get colored before you can even play as it, and it’s annoying to me. Another I spotted was from the buff upgrades. There it says meow and hiss. One more thing I spotted was where I get off the car or skate board outside, I get off on the asphalt and then I’m underneath the world. I can get back on top, but I don’t want to get stuck under the world. It’s super hard to level up, and there isn’t much to do, plz fix and add. Thank you for your time, and thank you so much for making this wonderful game!!! P.S. The rain and thunder sounds very relaxing with headphones on😘😘 And like I always do, a suggestion for another game. Maybe an Ultimate dessert? Thx for all your outstanding games, and have a great day

Meh love it but glitches that make me crazy

First before I ask for stuff and about GLITCHOS I Love this game and its just wow just WOW. Now the glitches First of all when you get out of the car sometimes You glitch under the map and it takes like 5 minutes to get back up. The next thing WHY IS THERE TREES GROWING IN THE HOUSE?! Now things for you to add by chance First MORE DOG BREEDS. I also want to be able to add as many dogs to your pack as you want. Also when you choose a new dog breed it restarts the game and you are at level one again. It’s annoying. Also I was a Great Dane and I was trying to get a mastiff buddy and I couldn’t! but I was on level 5! Also why cant we cross breed? That would be AMAZING if you added crossbreeding. thank you

So good but whyyyy

Ok so I was having a lot of fun with this game and I got up to level seven, and then when I died, I was set back at level one!!!

Please read

Before I speak my point i must say I love this game, it's fun and really cool, but it's getting a little old. Each game is like the other, just playing It as a different animal. I think the dog, when tamed gets a collar, and can be sent to the pound on the streets. Another problem I have is that you have to fight a dog to be your mate? That little thing has been going on a while. I also think you should be able to go on walks and live in more houses. One more thing I think would give your games a little more spice would be the babies. I think when you have puppies(or what ever animal it is) they would have to stay in the den. Not be born to run around, follow you, and eat meat. I know you guys take time to make these games, and thank you so much, But they feel recycled. If you want to live the life of a different species, you should get the full experience. No, I'm not saying it has to have everything.. but they should be more different. Anyways, thanks for reading! 😊👍

Love it

I love it. I got three german shepherds,Pringle level seven Star level fifteen chief level fifteen. Pringle's mom is star. Pringle is a really good hunter. He loves hunting animals. All three of them live in a house. Once they wanted to see What it was like to be a stray. So they went to look at some Abandoned houses. They came back home and went to sleep After a long time playing. Oh and also it's says it works with iPad. I have an iPad and I tried playing the game But it didn't work. Please fix that.

Fixing and making updates and improvements for Ultimate Dog Simulator.

Can you fix and make a lot of updates and improvements for Ultimate Dog Simulator, especially when I can’t pounce on enemies and other animals as a Great Dane?


How do you live tame

Fantasy ult sim

I mean you have dragons and stuff but why don’t you make a fantasy unicorn should be first second dragon and griffin 3 4 pegasus 5 alacorn 6 monster with wings 7 whatever you guys want and 9 boss battles if you use this thank you! Many portals and a under water monster should be the last one you can be thank you for making these sims hope you use my idea!!!

It keeps crashing...

I LOVE this game SOOOO much, but yesterday I tried to get on and it keeps crashing... It won’t stop crashing and I can’t play the game, and it won’t even let me stay on for 1 minute before it crashes. It literally crashes every 3 seconds, which is super annoying. I’d love it if you could fix this, that way I can play this game again and once again give it 5 stars.

Fun but,

It needs some updates, like you can go in every house and you’re owners move around and don’t stay in one spot, but the game is still fun..

Great game but could you add a corgi when you

Can you add a pen broke welsh corgi

A coyote app and Dalmatian glitch

So a coyote app would be awesome colours level 1 tanish grey. Now the Dalmatian glitch really stinks I try becoming Dalmatian but it has a x on it when I’m on its level please fix it. Back to coyote app so here are bosses I want it too have a swamp werewolf killer bunny zombie wolves and a horned evil vampire deer. when you defeat the zombie wolves or one of the zombie wolves they turn into a gravestone. Defeating the killer bunny they fall flat legs spread out ears on ground Defeating swamp werewolf it becomes a normal wolf and says thank you then runs away. Thank you if you add that coyote app that talked about and fix the Dalmatian glitch

Rodent simulator

Can there be a rodent simulator 10 playable animals 1. Hamster etc 2. Mouse 3. Rat 4. Chipmunk 5. Shrew 6. Possum 7. Gophers 8. Moles 9. Jerboa 10. Raccoon and plzz make the town Paris like ratatouille the movie and you can be wild or tamed with the hamsters and plzz make it after prehistoric simulator and I know you'll do it and I will give 5 ✨stars.


First of all the dog runs wayyy to slow Second of all his are u supposed to change into other dogs such a waste of a dollar

New ideas

I love this game I have been waiting for it ever since I got ultimate cat. But I have some new ideas. You guys could make an ultimate human sim. You could be white and live in America black in Africa and French in Paris Mexican in Mexico, Chinese in China, Japanese in japan. I would love to be in all of those places!


I’ve been waiting sooo long for this ever since Ultimate Cat sim came out. It’s finally here! I’ve had it for several days now and it’s an awesome game! I’ve only found 2 glitches with it. 1. When I get out of the tiny car, sometimes the dog falls through the map. 2. The red cars glitch out while driving on the road and sometimes even drive on the grass, but it’s pretty funny so I don’t really have a problem with it. The game is really fun and I definetely reccomend it to anyone who likes to play these games! Great job GFG!

My opinion

You shouldn't make ultimate animal games they look horrible and there not as good just stick to normal ones bc there great and they work better ps can you change your elephant sim so they look like the ones in ultimate savanna they look better in that one. The only good ultimate and one is the horse one.

Too much rain

Okay so it rain too much rain stops for like one minute rains again it dose this over and over again please fix it grate game but too much rain please fix it all so rains for days straight lower the chance of rain by alot


This is a wonderful game!!!!! I only have some questions/Requests •Can you add Dobermans?? •Can you have jobs as a dog? Like police dog? •Can your owner take you on walks? •If you’re tame, color??? •Can you get sent to the pound?? *** I don’t think you should necessarily fight your mate!! If you are female, males should follow (but not attack you) and bring you things and eventually fight for you. If you are male, you should do exactly what’s listed above***

Not your best, but still great!

Yes, I’ve been waiting for this sim. It’s good and all, but it has some bugs. First, the dogs are very, VERY slow. Second, the house lags when you jump. There are more bugs, but those are the major ones,


This is 90% of the game for me

Waste of money and time!

This game, along with Ultimate Bird Simulator are a waste of money! I bought this assuming it would be as good as so many of your other amazing simulators but as soon as I got on the game I was completely glitched off! I kept trying to get back on but no matter what I did the game stayed extremely glitchy! I am really upset that I wasted money on this and this problem needs to be fixed ASAP


I overall love this game but the only thing is that since I’m on like lvl 30 now, it takes forever to level up and I really want to play as the French bulldogs. (Sorry I was late I just wanted to keep playing before I rated)

It’s okay... but

All be dogs are 5 levels behind, instead of being able to have the German shepherd right off the bat like how it says you get it at level 5, then all the other dogs are five levels behind on what it says, it’s actually annoying, So instead of getting to level 30 for the Rottweiler you have to get to level 35. Fix this and I might consider rewriting my review

LOVE IT 😍, but....

I love this game but on mine the skateboard is SOOOO slow and the car 🚗... every time I get out it put me underground in the water place and the cars on the road r always upside down and bumping in to each other... I have been waiting for this game but plz fix

Love it but



Awesome! I love this game it is very detailed and fun. I think it is cool that there are different dog breeds and colors for the dog breeds. I think that when you get captured by the dog catcher you should get put in a pound and be able to have people adopt you. I also think it would be cool if you could interact with people. Please add this and when you are a pet you should get a collar from your owner with tags that you can customize. Thanks! Also, I am having an issue with this game it didn’t start until about 2 weeks ago. When I try to get on the app to play it, it turns on about 30 seconds and then it crashes it does this every time I try to get on. Please fix this for me and please consider my suggestions. Thank you! Keep making amazing games! I think you should make a bunny sim where you can choose to be wild or tame, build a family and well basically like the ultimate cat and dog sim but for bunnies. I tried updating my iPad too and it still didn’t work. Please fix this, Thanks!

Very good!!!!

I think you should put some other things in the game like walks trips to the vet, obedience school and all the stuff that you would do to care for a dog in reality

PLEASSSEEE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So let’s say this is a good game. One glitch is that the game says that you’ve unlocked a dog breed, but it’s 5 more levels until you actually unlock it. I also have a few suggestions: can you add huskys? Also, can you make the dog catcher move around the map? Even more, how about you make a pound building. Also, make the dog catcher’s attacks stronger. He is sooooo weak. Not worthy to fight.


It was great and fun but it wouldn't let me bond. You have to get the other dog to 50% health to bond. It wouldn't tell me I could so I had to kill my opponent. It would say I could bond in the corner by my pic. But it wouldn't let me!

It’s OK.

This is really fun game, don’t get me wrong. The other reviews tell you all the good stuff about this app, but I have some complaints. This is a really good game, keep that in mind. I I would definitely recommend it. Now, onto the cons. There are flying cars, the great Dane is so slow, it crashes all the time, and the dog breeds are colored before you unlock them. Please fix this problems. If you do, this will be a really great game. Thank you.

Dixie's knight in shining armor

Hi I'm Dixie the German Shepard with my mate Maximus I call him max for short. One day I was raiding a trash can and once I turned around I was face to face with the dog catcher, he took me to an abandoned pound. Just then Maxie my mate came to the rescue, he stole the key unlocked the doors for all of the dogs even me. We ran home and I said "You are my knight in shining armor.


I love Gluten Free Games and all but this one is very glitchy. Instead of bark and growl it says meow and hiss. Also, I can't change my dog breed once it is unlocked. I also can't get mates, once they get to half health it doesn't show the symbols to bond with them. I've played this until I was level 15 and it still isn't working

The skins won’t work...

I just got this game and when I started I wanted to change to a German Shepard but it won’t work and I don’t know why there is a red button with a X right underneath the skin.

Great game but...

I love the game but I don’t like the glitch where you have to be one breed above to get the breed before that one. And I think I would be fun if we could have cross breeds and mate with other breed instead of doing the same one. Otherwise AWESOME game. I also think you should make a desert simulator where they have a coyote, rattle snake, ostrich, cougar, camel, vulture, road runner, African wild dog, badger, and a scorpion. Also I think instead of you challenging the dog catcher you should make it so they chase and try to catch you.

Great game but...

How do I become tame? It won’t let me inside any of the houses

You get less than you pay for

The camera is shakey and the characters glitchy. The map is large and water is almost impossible to find, you can’t run for very long and quests are difficult to complete or even know what they are. Not worth 99 cents


This game is broken for me, I can’t do things that are shown please give me my money back and thankyou.

Did you lie?

Did you lie? Because when I got my new dog I couldn’t get an owner. This bugs me I really wanted to be a house dog

Great but..

Please let us mate with any dog.. thank you..

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